swingbyte iPad app

Try my new Swingbyte golf swing analysis tools

I have recently invested in a new Swingbyte system to use during my golf lessons. Swingbyte attaches to the shaft of any club via a simple clip and then records and transmits swing data in real time. The data is then received and presented via an iPad app, which I use to fully understand the dynamics of your swing.

Detailed information including swing speed, tempo, planes angles, shaft lean at impact, club face angles and more are instantly recorded. This information provides invaluable, factual feedback on every part of your swing.


Improving your golf lessons

Whilst this is a tool for the more advanced player, the information can also provide useful tips for all golfers as to why your swing is improving over time. For example if your swinging faster in one lesson than the last, are you striking the ball better or worse and how will this impact on distance.

The information is presented as a visual representation of your exact swing path. This can be viewed from any angle and alongside your optimum swing plane. Each swing can be quickly compared to others to spot and record trends.

I am confident this new tool will help me develop you as a golfer and maximise the benefits of your golf lesson.


Putting lessons and advice

Swingbyte can also be used to improve putting where often the smallest fractions and changes in putter face angle will mean a missed putt. Capturing information on your tempo, putter face angle at impact and swing path will provide you with easy to understand advice. We can use this on the putting green or the putting mat in my driving range bay.


Give Swingbyte a try!

The Swingbyte system is available to any of my students. For some of you I will likely use the system but if I don't or you are keen to try Swingbyte feel free to ask.

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