golf ideas for christmas

Golf lesson vouchers - the perfect gift for christmas or birthday!

We all struggle of things to buy our loved ones for christmas and birthdays. Sometimes it's easy, you get a hint or see the perfect gift, other times it's just impossible to think of the perfect thing. Often for golfers it's easier, just buy anything golf related?!

The best gift you could give any golfer is a lesson with a PGA Professional. No amount of new equipment, funky jumpers or personalised balls is going to improve their golf game. However, lessons with a golf teacher will.

Whether the recipient is just starting golf or has been playing for years I can help, with beginners courses, advanced lessons and even playing lessons.

You can buy one of my gift vouchers online, then the recipient has up to six months to book their lesson(s).

A voucher for a single golf lesson is just £25, with options to book 4 or 6 lessons and receive discounted prices, ensuring a continued series of value for money tuition and improvements.

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