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My promotion to PGA Head Professional at Wavendon Golf Academy

This week I was proud and honored to be named PGA Head Professional at Wavendon Gold Academy, near Milton Keynes.

I first joined Wavendon Golf Club in 1996 as part of a team of 11 trainees and PGA Professionals. I can’t believe over 20 years have passed since those early days! Club and ball technology have evolved, TV coverage provides more insights than ever before and a new crop of tour professionals have emerged.

However, the fundamentals of playing golf and hitting great shots have always remained the same. I enjoy new technology, swing improvement tools and video analysis but there’s no substitute for a PGA Professional providing insightful tuition and improving a golfers technique and fundamental skills.

Over the last two decades, I’ve taught countless golfers, from juniors and starters to experienced low handicap and scratch golfers. I’ve been lucky to grow a great group of regular students, with who I’ve developed a great understanding of how best to improve their game.

To this day I continue to meet new golf students and introduce people to this great game. The joy of seeing faces light up when they hit a great shot or achieve a personal goal has never diminished.

I’d like to express my sincere thank you to everyone involved with Wavendon Golf Academy. I’ve worked alongside some amazing people and made lifelong friends.

Here’s to another 20 years of golf!