Rory Mcllroy is confirmed as a Nike golf ambassador

Although unconfirmed it is believed he will pocket around £70m - £80m over a five year deal. That could mean earnings of around £31,000 a day!

Whilst I am quietly confident anyone reading this post would happily change manufacturers for a fraction of that incentive, it does beg the question, how important is equipment to your game.

In my experience, the specifications of your golf equipment are of vital importance. All of the big brand manufacturers offer golf equipment that will perform as you expect, you will notice they all offer custom fitting, choices of shaft flex, length, lie angle, grip choices, in fact you can configure a modern golf club with thousands of permutations.

Getting the right combination of these options can be confusing and getting it wrong could be detrimental to you golf. The right specification driver could add 30 yards more to your drives and improve your accuracy too!


Golf equipment advice

Even if you want to purchase your equipment from one of the leading retailers or online I am happy to offer advice on what will suit your own individual charachteristics.

Often it's not as simple as, 'your a strong guy, you must need a stiff flex shaft'. Your swing speed, tempo, the point at which you load and release, your static body measurements and more will effect the right specification for you.

Additionally there's club selection, should you carry two fairway metals, a hybrid/rescue club, what should be the longest iron you use, how many wedges. All of these things go into the mix of choosing the best 14 clubs for you. If you're a longer hitter a gap wedge may prove useful, if you lack length off the tee, carrying three fairway metals may give you more options from the fairway.


Why not book a golf lesson?

If you would like to book a lesson, whether it be to improve a partciular element of your game, or to better understand your swing and the right equipment for you, please click here to contact me.