10 things to do before the golf seasons starts

10 things to do before the golf season starts

Having provided golf lessons in Milton Keynes for many years I have met a wide variety of golfers. Some players just enjoy an occasional knockabout, others are more serious and want to continually improve their golf. The one thing everyone has in common is, the better you play, the more fun golf seems to be!

Therefore it makes sense to give yourself the best possible chance of playing to the best of your ability. Have a look through this list, a few quick chores might just help you shoot your best score this year. One things for certain, if you feel ready to play and well prepared, you'll feel more confident and it's worth starting the new season as you mean to go on.

You might only find time for one or two items on the list. If so, prioritise what you feel is most important.


Clean your golf clubs

You would be surprised how many people I see using golf clubs clogged with mud. To work most effectively the grooves on your clubs should be clean and free of dirt. This will ensure the best possible spin rates and control from the rough. It doesn't take along, a bucket of hot soapy water and a rag will do. Use a wire brush to really clear the muck from the grooves. Looking down at a clean clubhead behind the ball will improve your focus for the shot in hand.


Set some realistic goals

It's been proven that humans achieve better results when they set themselves a target. Maybe want to break 100, 90, 80 or even just complete a round with no 3 putts, fluffed drives or lost balls. Setting a target will help you to monitor your progress on the golf course and give you a real sense of progression when you achieve your goal. Remember to make your goals realistic and manage your expectations. Consistently failing to get close to your target will lead to a lack of confidence. If you're shooting in the 90's it's unlikely you will manage to break 80 this year, but a drop of 5 shots from your best round of golf should be attainable with a little effort.


Get down to the driving range

Some of us love practicing our golf swing on the driving range. For others it's a chore and doesn't come close to playing golf on a good course. Whatever your opinion there is no doubt that time at the driving range will improve your ball striking and consistency. My advice is to try and get to the driving range once or twice before your first round of the season. If nothing else it will get your body and muscles moving, help your remember those individual swing thoughts that help you and make you feel more prepared when you step onto the first tee after your time away from the golf course.


Book a golf lesson or two

Of course I would love for you to book a golf lesson in Milton Keynes with me. But whoever you choose a visit to a qualified PGA Professional is the best way to check and improve your swing. A golf lesson will help you to identify the strengths and weaknesses in your game and fix and improve them much more quickly. Whether you decide to take a series of lessons or just book a pre-season check up I promise it will be time well spent. Contact me to book a golf lesson in Milton Keynes today.


Practice your putting

It's easy to lose your touch and feel with the putter if it's been locked in the garage for months. While the weather is bad why not putt a few balls in the comfort of your warm, dry living room!? Grab a few balls and throw anything on the carpet, such as a cup or old CD and roll a few putts. A standard carpet will do fine and if you can't find a surface suitable, consider buying a cheap putting mat. You will be surprised how quickly your stroke feels natural again and confidence levels improve. Make lots of puts from around three or four feet, these help you to reduce your score and are a quick and easy source of saving shots.


Check your golf shoes

Worn out studs and cleats may not seem like an important thing to fix. However the golf swing is anchored by your feet and having a secure footing will ensure a stable base. Being able to swing safe in the knowledge your feet won't slip enables you to generate more power and breeds confidence. Studs and cleats are usually easily replaced with a cheap tool and box of replacements. If your shoes are badly worn, feel loose or aren't providing good support, consider investing in a new pair. And if you're a bit of a golf tart, why not just treat yourself to a snazzy new pair from your favourite brand.


Replace worn golf club grips

Our only point of contact with the golf club is the grip. And yet I regularly see gofers with overly worn grips. A worn grip will lead to both a lack of control and a tendency to grip the club to tightly to avoid it slipping. Having a good grip and secure hold on the club is essential. Grips are inexpensive and most PGA professionals or large high street retailers such as American Golf and Direct Golf will be able to replace these for you.


Upgrade your golf clubs

Okay, buying new clubs can feel like a big commitment, especially if you love your old set. If your woods are old you would be amazed at the levels of forgiveness and extra distance that modern drivers will provide. Perhaps you need to be custom fit if you are shorter or taller than average. Whatever the reason, getting those new clubs sorted now will give you as long as possible to get used to them and enjoy them throughout the golf season.


Find a new golf course

If you’re not playing golf because of the cold and wet, why not spend the time finding a new course. There are a lot of golf clubs around now and if you’re willing to travel half an hour there’s a big choice. Playing a new course is a valuable experience. You won’t have any bad memories of horror shots or holes you don’t play well and you might find a hidden gem. Different golfers suit different courses. Whether your driving, chipping or course management is your strength, finding a track that suits your game can be very rewarding.


Find some special offers

With the current economic climate and fierce competition for green fees, golf clubs have been forced to lower their prices and introduce special offers. Many will accept 2-fore-1 vouchers, offer twilight deals, provide four ball deals or even just have special offers on their websites. Here at Wavendon Golf Club for example it’s only £10 for a round on the main course on Monday! For many people, cheaper golf, means more golf, and the more you play, the better you’ll get.

I hope you found this useful and you can pick up a couple of pointers or ideas for your game. The winter in the UK can be very frustrating for keen golfers, but there are lots of things you can do to prepare for when the weather picks up!