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How to choose a golf lesson in Milton Keynes

Whether you're consider starting golf or need to find a new coach to help you improve, it can feel a little daunting when trying to find golf lessons. Often if you're a member at a golf club the resident professional will be your first port of call. However this may not be the best value for money option, or the resident PGA Professional may not be suited to teaching your individual requirements. Additionally your own golf club may not have the necessary practice facilities required to improve.

Here's a few things to think about when choosing golf lessons in Milton Keynes:


Driving range

I find a well equipped driving range an essential facility for improving the golf swing. A relaxed range bay is the ideal place to make swing changes, identify faults and practice good, repetitive habits. Launch monitors can be helpful for more advanced players, to identify spin rates, ball speed and trajectory. However, an experienced PGA Professional will be able to understand your swing and ball flight by watching the full flight of the ball on a driving range. In addition a driving range feels more like being on the course, than hitting the ball into a net just a few yards away.


Practice Facilities

A short course, putting green and full length golf course are all essential facilities for golf lessons. For beginners or those wishing to focus on the short game, a Par 3 course is ideal. Playing a few holes or spending time around the greens will help sharpen up chipping and wedge play. Under the watchful eye of your golf instructor a short, academy style course is a great place to understand the basic principles of getting the ball in the hole.

A practice green is useful for focussing on the putting stroke. Often a quiet spot near the clubhouse with a variety of holes, providing different breaks and slopes. Finding a repeating putting stroke is essential to distance control and making those 3 foot putts that save you strokes.

A full length course which can be accessed during your lesson or for a playing lesson is also ideal. A standard lesson is typically enough time to play three or four holes, ideal for helping your golf instructor to identify the areas of your game that need help. Likewise a full playing lesson over nine holes will provide a thorough examination of your game and the opportunity to gain advice on course management skills.


Golf Teaching Aids

Whilst there are a wide variety of useless golf training aids on the market, there are also some good ones. Recording a video of your swing provides an excellent insight for you and being able to see your own swing will help you improve faster. Technology also has a part to play. Swing plane, tempo and club head speed can all be recorded easily to provide further feedback for the better player. Other useful tools include alignment sticks, practice clubs with laser alignment guides and an Explanar style system.


Qualified PGA Professionals

Above all else the key thing to find is a good, experienced, qualified PGA Professional. You should feel you can build a good relationship with your coach and trust their instruction. Most golf teachers I have met are committed to providing the best golf lessons they can. However, you may find the approach of one golf instructor suits you best. Finding a reliable coach, with whom you can enjoy sustained improvement, will provide you with a consistent, confidence inducing plan of improvement.


Value for money

Getting the best golf lessons doesn't have to cost the earth. There is a range of prices available, however paying more does not necessarily equate to better teaching. Certainly for most amateur golfers, seeking out a 'well known' PGA Professional will offer little advantage. Look out for discounts when booking multiple golf lessons and consider visiting the golf instructor with a friend or partner to share the cost.


How I can help

My golf lessons are based around all of these essential facilities and a value for money ethos. You will enjoy a fully equipped driving range bay, leading edge technologies and training aids and expert tuition. Additionally at Wavendon Golf Club we have a Par 3, academy course and handy putting green. I am also able to use the main course for golf lessons or playing lessons and can provide a golf buggy as required.

If you would like to book a golf lesson near Milton Keynes, click here to contact me or the Wavendon Golf Club pro shop, who will be happy to help.